Packaging designed by A.I.

We helped a multinational FMCG company to automate their package design process globally using a combination of A.I. Design Generation and Automated Design Production, delivering huge time savings and increased revenue opportunities.


Package design was a disconnected and highly manual process with many stages and stakeholders involved, taking up to 12 months to get a new package design to market. This was preventing innovation and blocking the company from taking advantage of market trends.


We started by learning their current processes in depth, working with various stakeholders to establish the gaps and opportunities, as well as identifying an initial business unit to deliver to. We then scoped an initial pilot proof of concept that demonstrated some of the capabilities we could deliver. This was then presented to various stakeholders including senior management, along with presentations and videos to further develop the vision. A second, more advanced pilot was then built and presented to a larger group of stakeholders as a follow-up.

Once buy-in was secured, we developed a strategy to develop a full-scale version of the application, working closely with an appointed internal team on a detailed technical plan. We then started delivering the software development over several iterations, providing regular presentations and training along the way.


  • Package design lifecycle reduced to days instead of months
  • Additional revenue up to almost $1 billion per annum



Consumer Products


Multinational FMCG Company


Almost $1bn additional revenue p.a.

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