In-page display ads designed by A.I.

We helped a global consumer products brand to automate and scale the production of in-page display ads by extracting stills from a video campaign and generating ads from them.


The client had just launched a new video campaign for one its leading products and was attempting to speed up the process of producing in-page display ads to support the campaign. At the time, all such ads were produced manually by a freelance designer and took days to produce.


The only asset we had to work with for this project was a high-resolution copy of the campaign video, whose intended use was for television and in-video ad display.

Our first step was to run a computer vision algorithm over every frame of the video to determine where the scene changes occurred. From this we were able to break the video into discrete video clips of the various scenes. The second step was to choose the best individual frames from each scene, for which we used a quality assessment algorithm to choose and isolate the highest quality frames based on various factors such as resolution, sharpness, contents of the frame, and so on.

Finally, our blueprint engine produced multiple variants of the extracted frames with various different techniques including context-sensitive zoom, facial recognition, object detection, etc, cropping each image to the required formats for in-page display including banner ads, skyscrapers, interstitial ads, and more.


  • More than 1,000 creatives produced in a fraction of the time
  • Greater variation and opportunities for split-testing to maximise performance



Consumer Products


Global Consumer Products Brand


Over 1,000 ads produced in less than a minute

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